Ana Bera

Co-Founder of SafeAtLast in Toronto, ON, Canada

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I’m Ana Bera, Head of Content and Marketing at Subscriptionly and co-founder of SafeAtLast.

I dove into the world of business with a focus in marketing once I realized that my dream of becoming a professional food taster was never going to happen.

I left Toronto, my hometown, to start my business journey in the city of love, wine, and cheese. In Paris, I managed to learn how business in Europe varies from the West and how to incorporate their etiquette into my work—all while developing quite the cheese addiction.

After a year in France, I felt like my palate was missing a spice and decided to move to Dubai and test my skills in the finance and corporate marketing world. As you can imagine, my Eastern European background mixed well with the Western culture I grew up in and the French culture I’d adopted, and I was welcomed with open arms in the Middle East.

Just when I thought I’d settled down, I found myself on a flight, clutching my mimosa, returning to my mother’s homeland and starting my digital marketing adventure at Lean Rank. See Mom, I told you business school and over-caffeinated study sessions would be worth it!

I rolled up my sleeves and co-founded SafeAtLast to help people find the best home security to protect their home and family. My goal is to optimize the search process and save people time by providing them with all the information they might need, all in one place.

Now, I have also developed an obsession for smart technology. No, Alexa! Don’t write that down!

My secret talent is telling really bad jokes at inappropriate times, and I make the best cup of joe this side of the ocean.

  • Education
    • Middlesex University of Dubai
    • ISG Paris